Role Of Content In Digital Marketing - Is it Mandatory?

Content is the central focus of digital marketing strategies and cannot be missed by any chance. By discussing with my team members at a digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we have depicted the important reasons as of why content is taking up the major role in effective digital marketing.

Attracts dedicated traffic. Especially, if you are a small business, you will need a well-optimized content to attract the target audience and make some sales pitch. Ultimately, it enables you to spread the message as an authentic brand.
Helps you to build a closer relationship with your target audience. In fact, if your content is genuine and helpful, you will be able to generate user opinions and feedbacks. As a result, it builds your brand online.
There is a high possibility to convert the readers into customers. Every great content must lead to a valuable call to action and get a conversion based on the business objectives. Content marketing will be a brilliant tool only if used properly.
A good content when published consistently, it helps you to build the community of highly targeted audience. This community will always be your first reach in terms of any product offers or announcements.
The keyword optimized content is a major ranking element for search engines. As a result, the right content will refer your business to be on the top of the search engine pages and gets your business.
Start establishing your website and brand as a thought leader in the target industry. Why do you think we follow great people? The only reason is we think they have better grip on the subject and they might help us grab exclusive knowledge.

So, go ahead a establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. We at our digital marketing agency in Bangalore have understood the growing importance of content in the digital marketing industry. However, do make sure your content is good. You can never expect the returns from a bad or copied content. Inject some originality to your content.

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important For StartUps?

We have curated a well defined lists of helping small business, startups and entrepreneurs in succeeding their business in 2019. Are you ready to learn more? then dive in and read the whole article carefully.

Every startup is small but innovative, generally, rely on online media (internet), and implement growth hacking methods in order to seek exponential growth within less time period.

Before you start up with any business idea , firstly research about the competition of the market. Define your basic target audience and then scale up slowly.

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Low Budget: Majority of the startups expect the money from outside such as venture capitalists or angel investors. However, from the investor’s point of view, startups possess high risk as well as failure rate. Due to a lot of financial constraints, startups tend to lose their focus on other parts on prominent business activities. So that they can prove the good ROI to the investors.

Embed Creativity in Marketing: In this highly competitive market, nobody cares about your presence if you market just like how other competitors perform. As a result, this comes out to be the major challenge for small businesses since they would be having a low budget. It is highly mandatory to create an economical but creative marketing plan for your startup business.
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Attractive Social Media Presence: Owning an attractive social media presence has become vital in order to attract and keep your target audience engaged. You can mainly use the platform to educate, make announcements and declare available offers. As a whole, your aim should be to keep your followers happy and fulfilled. Also, you can keep in mind that social media forms to be the economical channel to communicate with your target audience.
Focus on Right Marketing Channels: To observe the fact that traditional marketing channels are expensive and also not specific in nature. For instance, let’s assume that you have spent on TV advertisement. It costs you more and reaches more audience too. But you cannot measure how many conversions happened. As a result, ROI cannot be measured. Alternatively, digital marketing is measurable and also low budget.
Customers Attraction and Retention: It is easy to get a new customer as a beginner. However, poor engagement, product or service makes customer retention a big challenge. Along with your products, your marketing efforts must also be calculative. If failed, you will be out of the game.
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Why do you need digital marketing ?

You will be able to reach wide audience but specific to your products or services. In other words, it is termed as target audience marketing. Keep in mind that with increase in internet users population in India, the need for using digital marketing also increases.
Industry experts have proclaimed that video marketing is the prominent channel in 2019. Its impact is just amazing when you use it for educating your audience, products or services promotion.
Use email marketing for creating brand awareness, leads acquisition, and make announcements. Never neglect the simplicity of email marketing. It can give you the major shift in business.
The best part is availability of easy measurement and analysis. This is the only feature of digital marketing that attracts business owners to give a try.
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Lastly, let me conclude my thoughts by saying that, starting a business in india is not a major difficulty. All you have to do is research your target audience, customers and their mindset. Try to collaborate with like minded people with similiar interest. By doing so, you can have more expansion and focus on your target audience, competitors and trends.

Best Digital Marketing Company in India

Importance of Digital Marketing To Startups

When compared to traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing is gaining increased importance day by day. Being the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we have helped more than 20 startups with internet marketing consultation. This has helped them to attain focused and strategic approach towards their marketing.

However, startups do have financial constraints and cannot afford the internet marketing services from outside. So, learn the strategies right here and start implementing to shoot your business into the next level. Let's go through them one by one:

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is by far the best marketing technique to leverage upon for leads. he recent statistics have proved that email marketing has a remarkable ROI of 122 percent. (By DMA) In fact, this number has proved to be 4 times better than other channels strategies listed below.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing lets you to target audience specific niche. Get your brand highlighted and increase your conversions using B2C Facebook & Instagram Marketing. Also, look out for Linkedin if you are concentrating on B2B Marketing.

3. Content Marketing
It is the most critical marketing strategy every startup should master. Here, you are supposed to develop and distribute valuable content to your target audience. You can opt for any content type such as images, videos, blogs, posters, newsletter, etc. Above all, the ultimate aim is to engage your market in the best possible way.

4. PPC Marketing
This is a paid marketing strategy that involves search engine results to attract your audience and convert leads. In other words, it helps you to acquire sales-ready leads since the cost per lead is based on the per click basis. However, the results are anticipated to be minimal. Through this ad strategy, you will also be able to acquire data. Make use of the data insights and analytical tools that in turn powers up your marketing strategy. Remember, the data-driven marketing strategy is always beneficial.

Owning 5 years of experience in offering digital marketing services in Bangalore, I suggest you pick up these four strategies to stand out in this fiercely competitive market. Do not neglect to plan your digital marketing strategy that lifts your business to the top position. Some might require a long time or money for experimentation. Whereas others demand minimal time or money. Pick up the right marketing mix. Try hard to make your first impression as the best impression.

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